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Author: Fabian Huneke

Five theses on the energy market for a “jamaica” coalition

The target triangle of the energy policy
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In the anticipated legislative period, there is a great need of energy policy to respond to changes in the realms of energy, mobility and digitisation and to attain the objectives set. After evaluating the election programmes of CDU/CSU, FDP and Alliance 90/The Greens, Energy Brainpool has identified  five relevant challenges that could provide a solid basis for a common energy policy.

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What is the minimum CO2-price in order to affect the merit-order?

The worldwide reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is the prerequisite for achieving the climate goals agreed in course of the UN Climate Conference in Paris. The pricing of those greenhouse gases would be an effective market mechanism to realize emission savings.

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New study: Climate protection through a coal phase-out

On behalf of Greenpeace e.V., Energy Brainpool, outlined a coal phase-out in Germany with focus on achieving the climate goals and yet ensuring supply security. In order to reduce the transition costs it is necessary to drastically increase the implementation of cost-effective technologies on the market such as PV and wind. On the contrary, security of market supply needs to be ensured by building new gas power plants and installing cross-border capacities as well as flexibility options.

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New study: Security of supply can be climate neutral and cost efficient during a cold dark doldrums

Energy Brainpool has examined the issue of a long-lasting cold dark doldrums by comparing different modelled weather years in a new study. For this purpose, the study looks at the influence of the weather of 2006 to 2016 on the current electricity system.

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