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Energy market review May 2019: Wind auction flops, discussion about CO2 pricing and the consequences of coal phase-out

While the wind auction in May 2019 was heavily undersubscribed, the discussion about additional CO2 pricing is entering a hot phase. In particular, the need for measures to increase the use of renewable energies and reduce greenhouse gas emissions make this clear. On the price side, May 2019 was less decisive and, after initial gains, did not provide any long-term impetus.

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Energy market review April 2019: CO2-limits in transport, rising bid values and negative prices at Easter

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The bid values increased in the first tenders in Germany for renewable energies in 2019. In contrast, CO2-limits for new cars and trucks are intended to reduce the emissions of the EU. New German power lines and power-to-gas plants should be easier to set up and plan. On the price side, the trend in April 2019 was mainly upwards. The exception: Easter holidays brought many negative prices.

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EU Politics, re-communalisation in Germany and renewable records: March 2019 in retrospect

At the end of March 2019, the European Parliament has given green light to the last regulations and directives of the “Clean Energy Package”. Both in Berlin and in Hamburg, the re-communalisation of energy infrastructures is imminent. While renewable energies can show new records in March, the high time of storage just starts. At the long and the short end of the electricity market, prices went down in March 2019.

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PPAs and the new Network Development Plan – February 2019 in retrospect

In the coming years, PPAs and non-subsidised renewables will also come to Germany. This became clear in February 2019. In addition, the transmission system operators have published the first draft of the new network development plan for 2030. The expansion of the grid will become more expensive. While the tender values for Photovoltaics (PV) and wind remained high in the first tender in 2019, the long-term prices on the futures market declined in February.

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Overview of China’s evolving energy market in 2018

Figure 1: Capacity development of hydro, wind and solar in China, along with capacity goals in 2020
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Last year was again a good year in terms of PV expansion in China with now 175 GW. However, also total electricity consumption grew pronouncedly by 540 TWh offsetting gains in the renewable part of the generation mix, while generation from thermal fossil-fueled power plants increased as well. LNG to play a central role to cover China`s gas consumption in the future.

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Stabilisation in the energy market – October 2018 in review

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The split of the German-Austrian price zone has been carried out. As expected, it has resulted in higher electricity prices for the Alpine country. The terms of the special tenders for renewable energies were announced, while the renewable tenders for October led to higher levys again. The fact that the EEG levy for 2019 is lower than in 2018 is mainly due to the higher prices on the electricity market.

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Political announcements and sustained high prices – September 2018 in review

September 2018 showed its might. High commodity prices with subsequent corrections, as well as a series of political announcements at EU and German level. In addition: The condemned live longer. Blockchain technology is not yet at an end.

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Use case Poland: PPAs as an instrument of price hedging

The currently rising wholesale price for electricity is particularly pronounced in Poland. As before (e.g. August 2015), the old Polish power plant park is not in a position to cover the entire demand for electricity in times of shortages. Where the demand is high, there follows the price.

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