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Agile, Scrum, New Work II: What is a dynamic organisation?

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According to the current Public Utility Study 2019 of the bdew, an agile and innovation-promoting corporate culture is virtually essential for survival in the energy market. But what does this mean?

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Electromobility and the search for the best locations for charging stations

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There is a major challenge in setting up the charging infrastructure for electromobility. Charging points that are not used are unprofitable. So the question is: How do charging station operators find the locations with the highest potential for electromobility? And what role does automated charging infrastructure planning play in this?

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E-Mobility in Germany (II): Problems with charging stations and tariffs?

Why is it that the proportion of new registrations of electric vehicles is so low compared to that of combustion engines? The fear of a low range is still making the rounds. And user unfriendliness is common in the jungle of charging cards and tariffs. But is the worry of not arriving justified? What solutions are there to simplify the charging process? All this in the second part of our series on e-mobility.

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A day in 2030: How digitalisation and the energy transition can influence our everyday life.

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In the following article, the guest-author Maximilian van Beuningen outlines a near energy future. The questions behind this scenario are as follows: What can everyday life look like as digitisation and the energy transition continues? Which megatrends and technologies will influence everyday life in 2030? Can people take advantage of the opportunities? And which business models will result from this? The answer is a progressive short story about the fictional protagonist Julia Müller.

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How flexible are German power plants really?

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The influence of variable renewable energy sources (vRES) dominates the day-ahead market. The displacement of conventional power plants during high feed-in of vRES affects prices and generation volumes. For the Calendar Week 25 (19 – 25 June) it is analysed how conventional power plants need to adjust their scheduling because of the vRES feed-in.

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New study: Security of supply can be climate neutral and cost efficient during a cold dark doldrums

Energy Brainpool has examined the issue of a long-lasting cold dark doldrums by comparing different modelled weather years in a new study. For this purpose, the study looks at the influence of the weather of 2006 to 2016 on the current electricity system.

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