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Global climate targets only achievable through negative emissions?

Emission reductions alone are not enough to achieve ambitious climate goals. Therefore, negative emissions and carbon removal are increasingly being discussed as possible additional climate protection measures. In this guest article, Simon Göß from cr.hub explains what is behind the terms negative emissions and carbon removal. After analysing five global scenarios in relation to negative emissions, Simon Göß explains the implications for policy and highlights some private sector initiatives.

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Quarterly report: sales revenues wind and PV in Q4 2019

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On a quarterly basis, we take a look at the theoretically achievable sales revenues of onshore and offshore wind turbines as well as photovoltaic systems and we analyse the respective background.

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Blockchain – or how a technology creates business models

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Blockchain – a technology that promises a democratic energy world without traditional retailers. It is not surprising that the energy industry has been dealing with blockchain technology since the beginning of the hype in 2016. In a changing energy world, the search for new business models is becoming increasingly important.

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Five theses on the energy market for a “jamaica” coalition

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In the anticipated legislative period, there is a great need of energy policy to respond to changes in the realms of energy, mobility and digitisation and to attain the objectives set. After evaluating the election programmes of CDU/CSU, FDP and Alliance 90/The Greens, Energy Brainpool has identified  five relevant challenges that could provide a solid basis for a common energy policy.

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Digitisation, automation and blockchain – where is the disruption?

The value chain in the energy industry no longer is traditionally linear but increasingly circular. This, as well as “behind-the-meter” business models, leads to ideas for digitalisation and the application of Blockchain. Which use cases are considered and what is already being tested today will be explained in this article.

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