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About the chaotic legal framework for coal-fired power plants

In recent years, the regulatory map of the energy industry has become increasingly complex. Especially for coal-fired power plants, some inconsistencies and contradictions have crept in during the course of parallel legal processes. Here is an attempt to shed some light on the situation.

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Germany’s CO2-emissions fell by 4.5 percent in 2018

The latest figures from the Federal Environment Agency make it official. Germany emitted 4.5 percent less CO2 last year. Emissions were thus just over 865 million tonnes. The energy sector and households accounted for the lion’s share of the decline. In this article you will find a summary of Germany’s CO2 balance for the year 2018.

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The energy market review June 2019: Hot phase or hot air?

While the tender for PV delivered lower prices in June 2019, there will be delays on the climate policy front. The details of a possible CO2-pricing and a climate-based tax reform are not to be announced until autumn. On the other hand, the second progress report on the energy transition makes it clear that many of the energy transition targets will not be achieved at the current rate of developments. While the spot market turned negative for several hours, the prices at the long end are falling with coal and gas.

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What will happen with renewables and coal? November 2018 in the review

Figure 1: Average award value for tenders for onshore wind and solar in Germany in 2018
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A new law for the energy sector has been agreed on with some delay. It has important changes in store for the coming period. The Coal Commission also has new findings. At the long end, the prices, driven by global economic uncertainties, mainly went down. But they caught up again in the end of November 2018.

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Use case Poland: PPAs as an instrument of price hedging

The currently rising wholesale price for electricity is particularly pronounced in Poland. As before (e.g. August 2015), the old Polish power plant park is not in a position to cover the entire demand for electricity in times of shortages. Where the demand is high, there follows the price.

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Autumn highs on the electricity markets- is this the turnaround?

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Since the beginning of August 2017 the prices on the electricity and commodity markets have been breaking one record after the other. Is it eventually time to pop the corks and finally ring in the end of the lean times? Or is it barely a temporary anomaly? To find an answer, we investigate the causes of the current price development.

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Energy market review – August 2017

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August 2017 was characterised by the second tender for wind-onshore, the subsequent discussions about citizen energy companies and the significantly decreased price level. Despite the summer break, electricity prices have been increasing at the long end of the curve.

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New study: Climate protection through a coal phase-out

On behalf of Greenpeace e.V., Energy Brainpool, outlined a coal phase-out in Germany with focus on achieving the climate goals and yet ensuring supply security. In order to reduce the transition costs it is necessary to drastically increase the implementation of cost-effective technologies on the market such as PV and wind. On the contrary, security of market supply needs to be ensured by building new gas power plants and installing cross-border capacities as well as flexibility options.

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