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What impact will the new power plant strategy have on the conventional power plant portfolio?

The German government’s power plant strategy is leading to significant changes in the conventional power plant fleet. What developments have shaped the past and why are gas-fired power plants essential for the energy transition?

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EEA – do we need a coal phase-out?

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Coal will be phased out of the German electricity mix by the end of 2038 at the latest. The last coalition led by Chancellor Angela Merkel had already agreed on this. If the current coalition government has its way, the coal phase-out would ideally be completed by 2030.

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Energy Market Review August 2023

In August 2023, the German energy market experienced record-breaking electricity generation from wind and solar. However, this is not the only thing that is causing problems for coal. In the meantime, the increased CO2 prices also mean a significant competitive disadvantage for fossil energy generation. Gas and oil prices did not settle down in August either. The LNG strike and OPEC production cuts drove prices up.

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The new German 2030 climate target: Implications for renewables and coal

The targets of the new climate protection law are ambitious. For example, CO2-emissions from the energy industry must fall to 108 in 2030 instead of 175 million metric tons (Mt) as previously planned. Energy Brainpool’s latest modelling shows that such a reduction can only be achieved with an early coal phase-out. In this article, we take you through the key findings of the calculations.

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Energy market review March 2021

March 2021 is characterised by low feed-in from renewables, like the entire first quarter of 2021. The results of the heavily oversubscribed second coal tender have also been released this month. Commodity and CO2 prices rose again in March.

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World Energy Outlook 2020: New commodity scenarios influence power prices in the long term


In the second part of the World Energy Outlook 2020 blog series, we provide a detailed overview of the significantly adjusted development expectations for the global oil, gas and coal markets. For this, we use our fundamental model Power2Sim. The model allows us to quantitatively estimate the long-term effects on European power prices until 2040 as well as the sales revenues of renewable energies.

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The German coal phase-out is law: an overview

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At the beginning of July 2020, both the Coal Exit Act and the Structural Aid Act were finally approved. Both laws were controversially discussed in advance. This article examines the key points of the two new laws.

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The Energy Market Review February 2020

Coal-fired power generation is sinking, wind is disappointing in tenders for renewable energies and PV is booming, and the National Hydrogen Strategy is making progress – these were the big issues in February.

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