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New study: Climate protection through a coal phase-out

On behalf of Greenpeace e.V., Energy Brainpool, outlined a coal phase-out in Germany with focus on achieving the climate goals and yet ensuring supply security. In order to reduce the transition costs it is necessary to drastically increase the implementation of cost-effective technologies on the market such as PV and wind. On the contrary, security of market supply needs to be ensured by building new gas power plants and installing cross-border capacities as well as flexibility options.

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The end of coal in the EU – at least partly

Sun ries behind coal power station ( Credit: Phil Noble/Reuters ) Eurelectric, the European association of the electricity sector, has decided by a large majority that its members will not build new coal-fired power plants from 2020 onwards. However climate protection goals can only be achieved by decommissioning coal-fired power plants.
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The call for a coal exit in Germany is getting louder

Sun ries behind coal power station ( Credit: Phil Noble/Reuters ) Within a short amount of time the Green party, the German Federal Environmental Protection Agency and the WWF have expressed the opinion that the phase out of coal energy should begin soon. Different groups and players have said and proven with scientific papers that without an ambitious plan to get rid of coal as a source of energy Germany’s climate goals cannot be fulfilled.
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China’s coal consumption continues to fall

Chinese coal mine worker China’s coal production was down 10% until July 2016 year-on-year. The rate of the decline thus tripled compared to the one experienced in 2014 and 2015.

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Swedish government approves of the Vattenfall deal

Foto: Patrick Pleul/dpa (Tagebau und Kraftwerkspark im südbrandenburgischen Jänschwalde) Vattenfall’s lignite business sector in Germany will be sold to the Czech EPH group in the end of August 2016.
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Vattenfall sells German lignite

Foto: Patrick Pleul/dpa (Tagebau und Kraftwerkspark im südbrandenburgischen Jänschwalde) A consortium consisting of the Czech energy company EPH and the financial investor PPF Investment bought the lignite activities of Vattenfall in East Germany.
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China to close more than 1000 coal mines in 2016

Chinese coal mine worker In order to reduce overcapacities in the mining industry the production of coal will be reduced by 500 million tons during the next three to five years.
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European electricity prices are falling

Calendar year Base 2017 The calendar year 2017 Base for electricity has seen this year its biggest loss in his trading period. Until January, 21st 2016 the contract has lost 14 % of its value.
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