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What impact will the new power plant strategy have on the conventional power plant portfolio?

The German government’s power plant strategy is leading to significant changes in the conventional power plant fleet. What developments have shaped the past and why are gas-fired power plants essential for the energy transition?

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Revenue Potential for Battery Storage Systems on the Power Market – Current Developments

Hardly any other market in Germany has undergone as rapid a change in recent years as the market for battery storage. Within ten years, battery storage systems with a total of 6.5 GW power and 10.1 GWh energy have been installed.

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Energy Market Review August 2023

In August 2023, the German energy market experienced record-breaking electricity generation from wind and solar. However, this is not the only thing that is causing problems for coal. In the meantime, the increased CO2 prices also mean a significant competitive disadvantage for fossil energy generation. Gas and oil prices did not settle down in August either. The LNG strike and OPEC production cuts drove prices up.

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Energy Market Review May 2023

May 2023 held some exciting news for the energy industry. The German Minister of Economics, Robert Habeck, presented a working paper on the industrial electricity price. While industry representatives praise the concept, there are also critical voices. In May, the French National Assembly voted in favor of more nuclear power. In addition, the EEX published the first market-based index for hydrogen.

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The Building Energy Act – the bone of contention for the heating sector

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Will Germany put an end to oil and gas heating by 2024? Market participants have received the amendment to the Building Energy Act (GEG) with much criticism. It has been the subject of some fierce discussions. Some call it a “heating hammer” that will plunge us into economic ruin. For others, the resolutions do not go far enough. In other words, they demand a tougher stance on climate protection.

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Energy Market Review April

In April 2023, there were some remarkable developments in the energy markets. The EU is paving the way for a stringent ETS (Emissions Trading System). In mid-April, the last nuclear power plants were shut down, effectively sealing the fate of nuclear power in Germany. The EU platform for centralised gas procurement is now accepting its first offers. Despite suboptimal weather conditions, renewable energy sources reliably continue to deliver electricity.

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War, gas shortages and extreme prices: 2022 throws energy markets off track

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The year 2022 is primarily dominated by the Russian-Ukrainian war. The resulting geopolitical changes caused a state of emergency on the power markets this year. However, the framework conditions for the energy industry will not be the same in the future: energy security, diversification as well as efficiency and savings measures are coming to the fore. In the short term, energy prices in the EU have risen to record levels. The consumption of natural gas in Germany has already been reduced year-on-year. In the coming months, it will remain important to keep an eye on gas import volumes and the filling levels of storage facilities.

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Energy market review August 2022

In August 2022, the energy market shows price records in short-term trading due to news about the Nordstream 1 pipeline. Price records are also set on the futures market. The traffic light coalition puts together a third relief package. The introduction of the gas procurement levy leads to a heated discussion.

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