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Sector coupling, negative prices and Jamaica – what happened in October 2017?

Average weighted award level for PV-tender in Germany, (Source: Energy Brainpool)
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The PV-tender for October 2017 resulted in a drop of the average price level below 5 cent/kWh. Simultaneously, the cost allocation under the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG levy) decreases for 2018. The discussion concerning sector coupling continues to gain momentum, although the prospective German “Jamaica” government did not yet set clear lines regarding the energy policy. The spot market prices reached record-breaking levels both on the positive and negative scale in October 2017.

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Starting signal for Redispatch with home-storage and Blockchain

Illustration with word cloud with the word Blockchain
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With the aid of blockchain, Europe’s first blockchain project for grid service has started. The transmission system operator TenneT and the battery manufacturer sonnen have started to use the Blockchain from now on in a pilot project.

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Already 103 times “negative electricity prices” at the spot market

Figure 1 Electricity prices at the day-ahead market in Germany and France. Source EPEX SPOT SE, own figure

On Sunday, October 29th 2017 a high power generation from wind power plants hit low demand for electricity in Germany. Negative prices occurred over a maximum period of 21 hours, so that the production was affected by § 51 EEG 2017. Therefore, the number of negative prices rose to 103 for this year already.

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Too little sun: The gloomy September brakes the production of solar power

The “gloomy” September 2017 lead to a decline in solar production of around 33 percent compared to the previous month. Baseload prices are rising, due to the decline in production from variable renewable energy sources (vRES).

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Five theses on the energy market for a “jamaica” coalition

The target triangle of the energy policy
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In the anticipated legislative period, there is a great need of energy policy to respond to changes in the realms of energy, mobility and digitisation and to attain the objectives set. After evaluating the election programmes of CDU/CSU, FDP and Alliance 90/The Greens, Energy Brainpool has identified  five relevant challenges that could provide a solid basis for a common energy policy.

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Energy market review – September 2017

September 2017 has brought a real price rally in the futures market. In addition, it became clear that biomass at least for the tender system is a technology on the phase-out. Applications of blockchain appear more frequently, as TenneT, IBM and Sonnen demonstrate. While the renewable energy targets for 2020 seem to be more …

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Are post-EEG wind turbines economically viable?

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Starting with the year 2021, the first wind turbines will leave the EEG subsidy regime. From a technical perspective, a further operation of some plants is possible. However, is this feasible under economic conditions?

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Digitisation, automation and blockchain – where is the disruption?

The value chain in the energy industry no longer is traditionally linear but increasingly circular. This, as well as “behind-the-meter” business models, leads to ideas for digitalisation and the application of Blockchain. Which use cases are considered and what is already being tested today will be explained in this article.

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