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A volatile February 2018 stirs up the industry

Abbildung 2: Preisverlauf für Frontjahreslieferung 2019 Base (DE) im Januar und Februar 2018, (Quelle: Montel)
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Both the negotiations on the German coalition agreement and the prices on commodity exchanges were very volatile in February 2018. PPAs are becoming increasingly attractive and the results of the tenders for renewable energies speak for themselves.

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January 2018 shows where we will head to

Energy Brainpool
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The ideas for a new edition of the Grand Coalition fall behind those of the Jamaica negotiations. Changes to the Renewable Energies Act and larger tender volumes will be unavoidable. Long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) could develop to be the main compensation form next to the EEG. After the earthquake in the Netherlands, the gas sector must adjust to further cuts in L-gas imports. The electricity prices at the long end go down according to political announcements to postpone a coal exit and due to lower coal prices.

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China’s electricity system in 2017: Record PV expansion

Gross electricity consumption in China exceeded 6000 TWh for the first time in 2017. Installed capacities increased last year, in particular on the renewable side. PV capacities grew by 70 per cent.

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Sector Coupling – How far is Germany?

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Sector coupling is on everyone’s lips. The electricity, heating and transport sectors should be jointly optimized and evaluated in the future. However what does it precisely mean? In the following the essential context is explained.

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Bet on falling costs or rising electricity prices? – The results of the third wind tender and what they mean

The third wind tender did not bring any major surprises with it – clearly oversubscribed, high dominance of the citizen energy companies and further declines of tendered values. Read more about the tender results and strategies to withstand the competitive pressure in this market environment.

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Autumn highs on the electricity markets- is this the turnaround?

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Since the beginning of August 2017 the prices on the electricity and commodity markets have been breaking one record after the other. Is it eventually time to pop the corks and finally ring in the end of the lean times? Or is it barely a temporary anomaly? To find an answer, we investigate the causes of the current price development.

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Electricity price rally normalizes in November 2017

Maximum permitted tender values for 2017 and 2018, as well as tender results for wind onshore in 2017
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The third round of tendering for wind energy, with surcharges of less than 4 cents/ kWh wasn’t a major surprise. Still, it caused the intervention of the Federal Network Agency for the tenders in 2018. The applications of Blockchain in the energy sector are becoming more diverse, while the prices at the long end of the curve have calmed down again. Read all about the developments in the energy market in November 2017.

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Coal exit Germany – Decommissioning of over 16 GW by 2020 possible

In a short study Energy Brainpool has evaluated the decommissioning of coal capacities on behalf of Greenpeace e.V. In order to achieve the 2020 climate targets, additional brown and hard coal capacities will have to be decommissioned. Read in this article how these shutdowns affect the security of supply and possible emission and electricity quotas for coal-fired power plants.

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