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Sales values and revenues of wind and PV – Ex-post analysis August 2017

Despite a slight decline in the production of variable renewable energies sources (vRES) of around 3 per cent, the baseload price in Germany fell by around 2.2 EUR/MWh in August 2017 compared to the previous month. The reason for this was…

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Energy market review – August 2017

August 2017 was characterised by the second tender for wind-onshore, the subsequent discussions about citizen energy companies and the significantly decreased price level. Despite the summer break, electricity prices have been increasing at the long end of the curve.

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3rd weekend of August: negative prices at the spot market

On Saturday, August 19th 2017, as well as on Sunday, August 20th 2017, a high production of variable renewable energies hit a low demand. The primary causes of this are the weekend and the holiday period. On both days, negative prices occurred at noon over a maximum period of five hours, so that the production was not affected by § 51 EEG 2017.

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Tutorial gas market 5: Price indices

The linkage to the oil price is achieved by not including a fixed price in the gas contracts but a formula by which the gas price is calculated using the oil price.

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Ex post analysis July 2017: Variable renewable energy sources generate 17 per cent less than in the previous month

In July 2017, the production of variable renewable energy sources (vRES) fell by approx. 17 per cent compared to the previous month. With a drop of around 23 per cent onshore and offshore technologies, were particularly affected. In contrast, the sales values for wind-onshore and wind-offshore increased by around 20 percent and 16 per cent for solar power plants compared to June 2017. Hence, the sales revenues remain at a constant level.

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Tutorial gas market 4: Specificities of natural gas procurement contracts

In the procurement of gas some singularities have developed, which distinguish the gas market from other commodity markets. Import companies, for example, sometimes have very long-term contracts with gas producers (up to 20 years), a linkage to the oil price and the so called take-or-pay volumes or flexibilities with limits. This chapter aims to familiarize you with the terminology, to understand their meaning and to assess the consequences for the energy industry.

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Energy market review – July 2017

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is expecting more competition and increased security of supply by modifications in the gas market and the balancing power market. The power generation of renewables recorded a new high in the first half-year of 2017. While climate targets are under consideration, investments in and applications for Blockchain technology are taking shape. The strong prices for coal have especially pushed up the annual base load delivery for 2018.

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Ex post analysis June 2017: market results of fluctuating renewable energies

The electricity production from variable renewable energies (vRES) increased by 13 per cent compared to the previous month. This is shown by the generation data of ENTSOE Transparency. June’s sales values of wind onshore and offshore decreased by roughly 18 per cent. In contrast to May 2017, the sales value of PV declined by only 7 per cent.

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