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Author: Tobias Kurth

Under scrutiny: Power price scenarios versus historical spot prices

As a customer, it is interesting to know how well power price scenarios perform compared to the historical development of spot prices.

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Agile, Scrum, New Work II: What is a dynamic organisation?

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According to the current Public Utility Study 2019 of the bdew, an agile and innovation-promoting corporate culture is virtually essential for survival in the energy market. But what does this mean?

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Agile, Scrum, New Work: Is that useful or can we do without it?

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The energy industry is overflowing with a lot of trends and buzzwords, such as agile. It is often not easy to distinguish between them: what is hype and what is a sustainable trend for change? However, it is certain that the transformation of energy markets involves more than just the transformation of controllable, fossil-fuel to fluctuating, renewable energy production. It also requires new forms of organisation and leadership.

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China-EU Workshop on Global Energy Interconnection

Tobias Kurth (l), Managing Director Energy Brainpool & Zhenya Liu, President State Grid Corporation of China (r)

Berlin 10. – 11. December 2015: Global experts analysed the current situation and the challenges of the global energy development.

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