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When is hydrogen green?

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Green electricity is now an established product on the electricity market and is often referred to as “green electricity”. Guarantees of origin (GoO/GO) can be used to prove this “green” characteristic, i.e. that the electricity was generated from a renewable energy plant (RE plant). According to current regulations, this green electricity certificate must be cancelled within one year. The next big step in the transformation of the energy industry is the production and utilisation of hydrogen.

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EU Energy Outlook 2060: How will power prices, generation and demand develop?

The topic of security of energy supply is currently on everyone’s mind. This is why the German and French governments, among others, have published new plans for the modernisation of their power plants in the coming decades. Climate change is also an important issue. The EU Green Deal defines the goal of climate neutrality in Europe by 2050 and focuses primarily on renewable energies.

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Under scrutiny: Power price scenarios versus historical spot prices

As a customer, it is interesting to know how well power price scenarios perform compared to the historical development of spot prices.

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What impact will the new power plant strategy have on the conventional power plant portfolio?

The German government’s power plant strategy is leading to significant changes in the conventional power plant fleet. What developments have shaped the past and why are gas-fired power plants essential for the energy transition?

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Annual review: What shaped the electricity market in 2023?

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The year 2023 not only brought the German electricity market a substantial recovery from the high price phase in 2022, but also held some exciting developments in the areas of prices, generation, capacity expansion and electricity trading.

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Energy Brainpool Becomes Part of the Montel Group

Global investor The Riverside Company acquires Energy Brainpool GmbH & Co. KG as an add-on to the Norwegian company Montel AS

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EEA – do we need a coal phase-out?

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Coal will be phased out of the German electricity mix by the end of 2038 at the latest. The last coalition led by Chancellor Angela Merkel had already agreed on this. If the current coalition government has its way, the coal phase-out would ideally be completed by 2030.

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The weather swarm: power price scenarios, weather and climate change

How could climate change transform the electricity market revenues of renewable energies? Future climate change will impact today’s investment decisions in renewable generation plants, as power prices are influenced by, among other things, the weather. Fundamental power price scenarios have not yet taken this into further consideration. Energy Brainpool has therefore developed the concept of a climate-sensitive “weather swarm”.

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