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Energy market review – September 2017

September 2017 has brought a real price rally in the futures market. In addition, it became clear that biomass at least for the tender system is a technology on the phase-out. Applications of blockchain appear more frequently, as TenneT, IBM and Sonnen demonstrate. While the renewable energy targets for 2020 seem to be more …

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Digitisation, automation and blockchain – where is the disruption?

The value chain in the energy industry no longer is traditionally linear but increasingly circular. This, as well as “behind-the-meter” business models, leads to ideas for digitalisation and the application of Blockchain. Which use cases are considered and what is already being tested today will be explained in this article.

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What is the minimum CO2-price in order to affect the merit-order?

The worldwide reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is the prerequisite for achieving the climate goals agreed in course of the UN Climate Conference in Paris. The pricing of those greenhouse gases would be an effective market mechanism to realize emission savings.

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Negative electricity prices again

On Monday, September 11th 2017 a high power generation from wind power plants hit low demand for electricity in Germany. Negative electricity prices occurred over a maximum period of five hours, so that the production was not affected by § 51 EEG 2017. Therefore, the number of negative prices rose to…

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Sales values and revenues of wind and PV – Ex-post analysis August 2017

Despite a slight decline in the production of variable renewable energies sources (vRES) of around 3 per cent, the baseload price in Germany fell by around 2.2 EUR/MWh in August 2017 compared to the previous month. The reason for this was…

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The Coal price is the key!

The electricity price, be it at the futures or the spot market, depends on several factors. Those include the (expected) demand, the available power plants (renewable and conventional) and the short-term fuel costs of the power plants used. The power plants along the upper part of the merit-order have the greatest influence on the electricity price, because they are needed to just meet demand. Generally, hard coal or gas-fired power plants are price-setting.

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Energy market review – August 2017

August 2017 was characterised by the second tender for wind-onshore, the subsequent discussions about citizen energy companies and the significantly decreased price level. Despite the summer break, electricity prices have been increasing at the long end of the curve.

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Tutorial gas market 6: Natural gas transportation and storage

Damen-Shiprepair-Brest-Scores-Second-LNG-Repair-Commission (LNG Worldnews)

Natural gas can either be transported grid-bound via pipelines or liquefied as LNG. In order to increase the energy density, the gas is transported through the pipelines under high pressure (around 80 bar).

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