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Author: Lydia Bischof (page 1 of 3)

Energy Brainpool Becomes Part of the Montel Group

Global investor The Riverside Company acquires Energy Brainpool GmbH & Co. KG as an add-on to the Norwegian company Montel AS

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New white paper: How hydrogen helps achieve European climate neutrality by 2050

Energy Brainpool designs a new hydrogen scenario GoHydrogen. Read more about the core results of the study in the following press release.

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Press release: Change in the management

Tobias Kurth resigns as managing director of Energy Brainpool for health reasons.

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Energy Brainpool releases power price scenario EU Energy Outlook 2050

The Energy Brainpool GmbH & Co. KG, the independent energy market expert from Berlin, releases the outlook on the development of the energy prices twice a year – the EU Energy Outlook 2050. The power price scenario covers all 28 countries of the European Union plus Norway and Switzerland.

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Energy Brainpool starts new online channel for the energy market – the Energy BrainBlog

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The Energy Brainpool GmbH & Co. KG, the energy market experts from Berlin, start their new dialogue platform ”Energy BrainBlog“ today.

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Profitability of non-subsidized offshore wind farms

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1380 MW offshore wind power plants forego state subsidies. According to the experts at Energy Brainpool, the average revenue for non-subsidized offshore wind farms will grow from around 53 EUR/MWh in 2025 to around 76 EUR/MWh in 2035.

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Valuation of electricity market revenues of fluctuating renewable energy sources

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Energy Brainpool, the independent market specialist for the energy sector from Berlin, published a white paper with the title “valuation of electricity market revenues of fluctuating renewable energy sources”. Therein the analysts illustrate the specially developed parameter of the sales revenue.

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6. Symposium energy market of the future: well-known experts on current developments of the energy sector

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Energy Brainpool GmbH & Co. KG, the independent energy market specialist from Berlin, is hosting the 6th symposium on 21 to 22 march 2017 to discuss current events of the energy sector. Well-known Experts from economics, science and politics are discussing the energy market of the future in Berlin. Energy Brainpool is hosting the two-day symposium in corporation with congress organiser Congress Compact. The symposium takes place in the Reinhardtstraßenhöfen in the government district of Berlin.

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