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Record prices on the electricity market: RE market values now hedged on the futures market?

Market values of renewable energies compared to the EEG tender results 2018 to 2020 (Source: Energy Brainpool, 2021)

In the wake of historically high electricity prices, conventional marketing strategies for electricity from renewable energies (RE) are at stake. Until now, RE direct marketing has been equivalent to selling at spot markets, a standard that has hardly been questioned. Why should a power plant operator expose himself to the futures market risk when the EEG subsidy secures the market value on the spot market? Combined with upcoming contract adjustments in connection with Redispatch 2.0, some direct marketers are now offering guaranteed market values for the future and hedging them on the forward market. With fundamental scenario swarm analysis, you are able to indicate under what circumstances this is a good idea.

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Lifelong learning: Do simulation games facilitate learning?

Simulation Games Energy Brainpool

Life is increasingly determined by various global trends. The energy industry has also been undergoing a transformation for some time. One upcoming challenge is decarbonisation, while at the same time decentralisation is taking place and digitalisation is steadily increasing. These developments are taking place with varying degrees of dynamism and occasionally come to a standstill.


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Online or presence: Which training format suits me?

Repeatedly working people ask themselves the question in which form they could improve their knowledge – besides all the everyday stress in their regular job, in their family and in other activities. Classic seminars traditionally play a major role, but the offer of online training has caught up considerably in recent years. In this blog post, we highlight the pros and cons of the various formats and provide suggestions for your next training course.

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