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Lifelong learning: Do simulation games facilitate learning?

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Life is increasingly determined by various global trends. The energy industry has also been undergoing a transformation for some time. One upcoming challenge is decarbonisation, while at the same time decentralisation is taking place and digitalisation is steadily increasing. These developments are taking place with varying degrees of dynamism and occasionally come to a standstill.


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Affects of volatile Co2-prices on the electricity price – what does the future hold?

Graphical representation of the fuel switch [Source: own representation according to Montel, EEX]
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European CO2 prices have developed very dynamically in 2018. They rose to over 25 EUR/ton in September and then fell sharply again within a few days. Prices however have also fluctuated considerably in recent years. How does this affect the price of electricity? And what can we expect in the future, especially in view of upcoming fourth phase of the ETS (Emissions Trading System)? Guest author: Michael Claußner (Junior Expert at Energy Brainpool)

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Jamaica and the coal

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“Jamaica in the coal dilemma”, “Black-Green quarrel over coal”, “coal phase-out is the taboo word in the Jamaica debate”. During the exploratory talks on a possible Jamaica coalition, the coal phase-out demanded by the Greens was a central point of discussion. How did the electricity market react to this? Can the struggle for coal capacities to be (not) decommissioned be read off from the electricity price? And what does that say about the energy-only market?

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