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Author: Lydia Bischof (page 2 of 3)

Energy seminars Certified Chinese Energy Trader

Energy trading in China is on the rise as the liberalisation of the energy markets progresses.
The German energy market and especially its mechanisms and strategies of the energy transition (“Energiewende”) serve as a role model for a successful integration of new structures.

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Computer-based Simulation Games – Trading competencies to supplement theoretical teaching

Energy Brainpool offers computer-based Simulation Games for energy trading as a supplement for theoretical imparted knowledge. With Simulation Games user enhance their theoretical and practical know-how of mechanism and strategies of electricity and gas trading – in a playful and realistic manner.

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Decrease of renewable energy feed-in tariffs in China

Feed-in tariffs for onshore wind energy and photovoltaics in China have been adjusted.

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Electricity Price Reform Pilot Project in Chongqing and Guangdong


Both the National Energy Administration and the National Development and Reform Committee have approved a pilot project for electricity pricing in Chongqing Municipality and Guangdong Province.

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Market investigation: Management of wind power plants

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The expert knowledge of the players in the wind energy sector will help identify relevant aspects of power plant management, important market developments as well as optimisation potential of services and stakeholder relations. Special focus will be set on Operation & Maintenance Services which are basic for the value of the plant unit.

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First price signals after announcement of future capacity reduction

Future-Market-Prices-EEX (Source: Montel)
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After the announcement of reducing the power capacity, first slight price signals can be observed.

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Development of renewable energy in China

CSP plant in Qinghai (Source: ChinaDaily
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New developments in the renewable energy sector have changed targets or new projects of different renewable energy technologies. These targets are very ambitious.

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Calculation of EEG Surcharge: Market Value Factors 2016-2020

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Berlin, 15 October 2015: Each year on 15 October the German transmission system operators publish the EEG surcharge for the following calendar year. Energy Brainpool has been involved in the calculation now for the fifth time, forecasting the key market value factors of EEG electricity feed-in from wind and photovoltaics for the period 2016 to 2020.

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