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E-Mobility in Germany (III): Players at the charging station

Who are the players in the electric car charging business? When it comes to pure charging station operation, three players emerge: the charge point operator (CPO), the e-mobility provider (EMP) and the electricity supplier. Let’s take a closer look at the individual roles.

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E-Mobility in Germany (II): Problems with charging stations and tariffs?

Why is it that the proportion of new registrations of electric vehicles is so low compared to that of combustion engines? The fear of a low range is still making the rounds. And user unfriendliness is common in the jungle of charging cards and tariffs. But is the worry of not arriving justified? What solutions are there to simplify the charging process? All this in the second part of our series on e-mobility.

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Stabilisation in the energy market – October 2018 in review

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The split of the German-Austrian price zone has been carried out. As expected, it has resulted in higher electricity prices for the Alpine country. The terms of the special tenders for renewable energies were announced, while the renewable tenders for October led to higher levys again. The fact that the EEG levy for 2019 is lower than in 2018 is mainly due to the higher prices on the electricity market.

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Political announcements and sustained high prices – September 2018 in review

September 2018 showed its might. High commodity prices with subsequent corrections, as well as a series of political announcements at EU and German level. In addition: The condemned live longer. Blockchain technology is not yet at an end.

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E-Mobility in Germany (I): Inventory and market ramp-up

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It is unlikely that the goal set by the German government in 2010 of having one million electric cars on German roads within ten years, i.e. by 2020, will be achieved. The energy sector in particular cannot avoid the issue of e-mobility. In the coming months, we will therefore devote more attention to e-mobility and publish a number of articles on it.

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About the future of the megatrend e-mobility

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The idea of a city without a car seems to be an utopian dream. People are emotionally attached to cars. Electric, autonomous driving offers a wide range of advantages. The urgently needed change will not happen because we need it, but because we want it.

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Use case Poland: PPAs as an instrument of price hedging

The currently rising wholesale price for electricity is particularly pronounced in Poland. As before (e.g. August 2015), the old Polish power plant park is not in a position to cover the entire demand for electricity in times of shortages. Where the demand is high, there follows the price.

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Highs and records everywhere – the August energy market 2018 in review

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The decisive topic for the energy industry in August 2018 was the record temperatures, which together with new record high prices for CO2-certificates of over 20 EUR/ton boosted electricity prices. It seems that higher prices for commodities and electricity will become the new “normal”.

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