Berlin 10. – 11. December 2015: Global experts analysed the current situation and the challenges of the global energy development.

Tobias Kurth (l), Managing Director Energy Brainpool & Zhenya Liu, President State Grid Corporation of China (r)

At the same time the COP21 UN Climate Change in Paris, State Grid Corporation of China and the Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies (VDE) jointly invited experts and decision makers from China and the EU to a workshop on a global energy network. Main topics were the global energy interconnection of power grids, technologies for the transmission and transformation of electricity as well as smart grid and renewable energies.

Experts from leading Chinese and European companies and universities were speaking at the conference as for example from State Grid Corporation, Shandong University, WPST Power Station, International Energy Agency, TU-Berlin, Siemens AG and E.ON SE.

The Power Engineering Society (ETG) within the VDE presented its current study on “Cellular energy Networks”. The idea is the balancing of local supply and demand on the lowest possible level.

Top speaker was State Grid Corporation of China President Zhenya Liu. He presented his new Book “Global Energy Interconnection”.

Zhenya Liu explained that the initiative of global energy interconnection could be realised in three steps: First a regional interconnection of renewable energies until 2020, second the worldwide installation of large capacities of renewable energies and the intercontinental connection until 2030. Until 2050 the transcontinental interconnection could follow.

The Chinese power grid operator is one of the largest companies worldwide and has 1.5 million employees. In the last ten years it jumped from 40 to 7 in the Fortune Global 500 ranking of the world’s largest companies.