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Use case Poland: PPAs as an instrument of price hedging

The currently rising wholesale price for electricity is particularly pronounced in Poland. As before (e.g. August 2015), the old Polish power plant park is not in a position to cover the entire demand for electricity in times of shortages. Where the demand is high, there follows the price.

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Update: Trends in electricity price development – EU Energy Outlook 2050

Installed generation capacities in EU-28 (plus NO and CH) by energy sources; Source: Energy Brainpool,
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Energy Brainpool shows long-term trends in Europe with its “EU Energy Outlook 2050”. The European energy system will change dramatically in the upcoming decades. Climate change and an aging powerhouse are forcing the European Union and other countries to readjust their energy policies. What do these developments mean for electricity prices and revenue potential for photovoltaics and wind?

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Tutorial Power Plant Technology Part 20/24: Electricity from renewable energies 6

Hydro power (emersonprocess)
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Kinetic energy of water in rivers is created by the transformation of potential energy into water flows. Both forms of energy (potential and kinetic energy) can be converted into electricity in hydro power stations. Efficiencies range up to 97 percent.

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Tutorial Power Plant Technology Part 14/24: Nuclear power 6

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One of the disadvantages of light water reactors is their low operating temperature. Thus the efficiency of the energy conversion process (Carnot factor) is limited.

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