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Energy market review April 2022

Due to the ongoing war situation between Russia and Ukraine, there is no relief in sight on the energy market. Firstly, Europe is imposing new sanctions against Russia and looking for alternative suppliers for gas and coal. Secondly, the federal government has presented a new package of measures with support aid for energy-intensive companies. Thirdly, the results of the solar and biomass tenders were announced.

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EU Energy Outlook 2050: How will the European electricity market develop over the next 30 years?

The European energy system will change dramatically in the coming decades. In addition to climate change and an outdated power plant fleet, current geopolitical tensions are also forcing the European Union and many countries to change their energy policies. What do these developments mean for prices, revenue potential and risks for photovoltaics and wind?

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Energy market review March 2022

The Russia-Ukraine war is having a lasting impact on the energy market. While prices on the short-term and futures markets are skyrocketing, the government is trying to counteract this. With a relief package, the end consumer is to be less burdened and the emergency plan is to secure the gas supply. In the EEG “Easter package”, higher tender volumes for renewable energies were written down.

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Energy market review February 2022

Due to the war in Ukraine, February 22 was characterised by strong price movements on the short-term and futures markets. The certification of Nord Stream 2 has now been finally suspended. Due to the current high energy prices, the German government is already abolishing the EEG levy in the middle of this year. In addition, while the nuclear phase-out is scheduled for the end of this year in Germany, further nuclear power plants are being planned in France.

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New energy market scenario: Is the coalition traffic light red, yellow or green?

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An early coal phase-out, 80 percent renewable energies by 2030, and climate neutrality by 2045: These are the three energy industry cornerstones of the German government’s ambitious plans in the coalition agreement. Implementing the contents of two legislative packages is on the agenda this year.

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Energy market review January 2022

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2022 starts with the preparation of some legislative changes. The German government wants to pass a legislative package to achieve the expansion paths for renewable energies, the EU taxonomy is currently being discussed, and a legislative reform regarding the termination of electricity contracts is being planned.

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Energy market review October 2021

In October 2021, new record prices on energy markets are prevailing. The EU Commission launches a toolbox as short-term response to high energy and commodity prices. Another consequence of the price rally: A switch took place from natural gas to oil and oil products in the energy sector. Besides that, there will be a reduction of the EEG levy for 2022.

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Trends in power generation: Backswitch from gas to coal?

So far in 2021, prices on the energy markets have reached record highs. Coal and gas prices in particular have risen sharply, reaching their highest levels in over a decade. These developments have partly led to a backswitch from gas to coal-fired power generation and thus, in conjunction with rising CO2 prices, also to high electricity prices. In the following, we clarify the underlying processes.

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