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Energy market review February 2022

Due to the war in Ukraine, February 22 was characterised by strong price movements on the short-term and futures markets. The certification of Nord Stream 2 has now been finally suspended. Due to the current high energy prices, the German government is already abolishing the EEG levy in the middle of this year. In addition, while the nuclear phase-out is scheduled for the end of this year in Germany, further nuclear power plants are being planned in France.

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Energy market review January 2022

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2022 starts with the preparation of some legislative changes. The German government wants to pass a legislative package to achieve the expansion paths for renewable energies, the EU taxonomy is currently being discussed, and a legislative reform regarding the termination of electricity contracts is being planned.

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Nuclear power and natural gas in the EU taxonomy: What is it about?

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The potential inclusion of nuclear power and natural gas in the EU taxonomy has again ripped open the rifts in European energy and climate policy. What exactly does the EU taxonomy regulate and what conditions are attached to classifying the two technologies as sustainable? In this article, we put the discussions surrounding the EU taxonomy in context.

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Energy market review October 2021

In October 2021, new record prices on energy markets are prevailing. The EU Commission launches a toolbox as short-term response to high energy and commodity prices. Another consequence of the price rally: A switch took place from natural gas to oil and oil products in the energy sector. Besides that, there will be a reduction of the EEG levy for 2022.

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Hydrogen Boom in the Gas Network Development Plan

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The scenario framework of the transmission system operators for gas (FNB Gas) for the 2022 – 2032 Network Development Plan contains some interesting figures. For example, there were over 100 project notifications for hydrogen projects in Germany. With almost 25 GW of electrolysis capacity by 2030, these figures exceed the plans of the German national hydrogen strategy many times over.

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World Energy Outlook 2020: New commodity scenarios influence power prices in the long term


In the second part of the World Energy Outlook 2020 blog series, we provide a detailed overview of the significantly adjusted development expectations for the global oil, gas and coal markets. For this, we use our fundamental model Power2Sim. The model allows us to quantitatively estimate the long-term effects on European power prices until 2040 as well as the sales revenues of renewable energies.

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Power-to-gas developments in Germany from the perspective of electricity and gas network operators

As the transformation of the energy system to renewable energies, increased sector coupling and electrification progresses, grid infrastructures are also subject to change. The operators of electricity and gas networks must prepare themselves for this.

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LNG – market development and trends

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is on the way to enable a global gas market with growing consumption and trade during 2018. The largest regional market for the LNG is Asia, especially Japan, China and South Korea.
Increasingly, Europe also seeks to diversify its gas supply and LNG import terminals are being upgraded or constructed. This article covers the most important developments and trends in today´s LNG markets.

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