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Analysis of the Chinese electricity supply shows significant increase of renewables

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On behalf of Agora Energiewende and the China National Renewable Energy Centre (CNREC), Energy Brainpool investigated the Chinese power supply. It became clear that the power system is in a significant transition. The increasing regenerative supply is followed by stagnating CO2 emissions since 2013.

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IBM and Chinese Energy-Blockchain Labs build blockchain-based carbon asset management platform

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The technology giant and the Beijing-based Energy-Blockchain Labs want to use the new platform for allowing its users to manage their carbon assets. With the help of blockchain technology they want to improve efficiency in China’s national carbon market, which will be opened during 2017.

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Power statistics China 2016: Huge growth of renewables amidst thermal-based generation

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Total electricity consumption in China rose to 5920 TWh last year. Renewables had a share of more than 25 percent, while year-on-year growth for thermal power generation was largest.

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Renewable energy and the grid expansion in China

Q1 2016 Wind Power Curtailment Levels by Province (Azure International)
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The expansion of renewable energy power stations happens at a faster rate than the electricity network is being built up. The curtailment of wind energy is therefore often the rule instead of the exception.

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China announces 340 billion Euro investments into renewables until 2020

Q1 2016 Wind Power Curtailment Levels by Province (Azure International)
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The National Energy Administration’s announcement of increased investment into renewables comes at a time where the US politically backs away from clean energy sources. China clearly aims to further establish itself as global renewable energy technology leader.

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Dramatic capacity build-up in China amidst less renewables

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China’s new 13th Five-Year-Plan for energy reduces renewable energy expansion targets, while addressing high curtailment rates.

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Emission trading in Europe and China to be strengthened


In Europe, more emission allowances are to be taken out of the market in order to allow for higher CO2-prices. China opens its national emission trading market in 2017 thereby creating the world’s biggest carbon market.

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China to start spot market pilots from 2018 onwards

trading_power_large (Copyright: Mercuria)
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The introduction of a spot market mechanism in China would allow for more efficient power plant dispatch based on actual cost of generation.

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