Understanding how the energy sector and the underlying market principles work is paramount for successful business operations. Therefore Energy Brainpool offers an intensive training program on power markets and power trading for the Chinese market.

Energy seminar Certified Chinese Energy Trader
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The power market reform in China alters its energy sector dramatically. New business cases revolving around topics such as power trading and power retailing develop rapidly. In order to be equipped in this new market environment and to position oneself successfully, it is necessary to understand the principles of liberal energy markets. Hence, the theoretical context of power generation, power trading and retailing, as well as practical experiences are important.

The 4-day expert seminar „Certified Chinese Energy Trader“ of Energy Brainpool as the independent market expert for the energy sector offers the perfect mix of theoretical and practical experience. Background knowledge on liberalized energy markets, trading at spot and future markets, power procurement and retailing, as well as portfolio and risk management will be conveyed. In addition, trading strategies can be applied and will be deepened in practical and realistic computer-based trading simulations.

computer-based Trading Simulation

Computer-based Trading Simulation

The rapid expansion of power trading platforms in China inevitably requires the market participants to develop efficient solutions and ideas for facilitating bilateral trades between power generators and industrial consumers. Learn from the experts how liberalized power markets work and which strategies are most promising for the Chinese market. As one of the leading training companies for energy traders in Europe, Energy Brainpool is looking forward to provide this Know-How for the Chinese energy sector as well.