The 2015 “International Forum on Energy Transitions” provides a platform for government officials, scientists, experts and scholars, as well as representatives from the energy industry and business community, to facilitate in-depth discussions on energy transition around the world with a special focus on China’s energy revolution.

The “International Forum on Energy Transition” initiated and organized by the National Energy Administration (NEA) of China will be hold in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province during 5-7. Nov, 2015. The topic of the forum is set to be “Global Energy Transition and Energy Revolution in China”. Domestic and foreign dignitaries, eminent scientists, experts, scholars and industry representatives are invited to the forum to exchange view on national energy trends and international experience in energy transition, to explore the challenges and problems faced by Chinese energy revolution and to form consensus on the next step of China’s energy development.

The forum might be seen as an important meeting in energy sector. It is reported, that invited are not only major players from the domestic power industry, such as Zhenya Liu (Chairman of State Grid Corporation of China), and the CEOs of the most important European and American Power Groups, (EDF, Danish power grid, Total Group, GE and Tesla) but also leaders in IT sector such as Yun Ma (Chairman of the Board Alibaba Group), Zhengfei Ren (CEO of Huawei). To have a cross sector focus politicians from various countries are also gathering the event, including Ban Ki-moon, (Vice Minister of UN Secretary-General), Fatih BIROL (Executive Director of IEA ), Nur Bekr (Director of National Energy Administration of China), Rainer Baake (State Secretary of Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy ) and Morten Bæk (Director of Danish Energy Agency)

The forum is planned to last three days, including one day for closed-door discussion, one day for keynote speeches and roundtable as well as the other day for theme discussions. Topics covered include but not limited to renewable energy and power transition, demand side management and energy transition, energy Internet, fossil energy transformation path and policy, prospects for G20 cooperation in renewable energy, financial innovation and energy transition.

“International Forum on Energy Transition” has the potential to become one of the most important conferences, while the energy revolution in China is going to draw more attention.


At the Sixth Conference of the Central Leading Group on Financial and Economic Affairs held in June 2014, China’s President Xi Jinping put forth China’s Energy Revolution – a strategic framework to guide China’s energy transition in five areas: energy supply, consumption, technology development, administrative reform of the energy sector and international energy co-operation.

Article written by the Chinese Association for Renewable Energy in Germany e.V.